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No Holds Barred Episode 2 Featuring Danny Garcia and Austyn Gillette

No Holds Barred Episode 2 featuring Danny Garcia, Austyn Gillette, Guru Khalsa, and Mark Suciu.

Go to the video here.

Massimo Cavedoni a week in Barcelona

Sml. Wheels Austyn Gillette Stoner Plaza edit

Ty Evans talks about Chris and Pierce Brunner and “The Twins” video

Skateboarder Magazine Interview: Ty Evans from Skateboarder Magazine on Vimeo.

Those Brunner Bros. stay on top of their media onslaught. Ty Evans talks about what it’s like to hang with 12 year olds.

Austyn Gillette in Bill Strobeck’s swallow(if you can)

swallow(if you can) from william strobeck on Vimeo.

We love these edits that William Strobeck throws together. This one’s got a couple tricks from young Austyn.

Chris Brunner and Pierce Brunner and Ty Evans

The Twins from skatefairy on Vimeo.

What’s it like? The whole, being twelve and putting the smack down on spots, thing. I guess these two dudes could probably help explain it. And the trick selection is cool. They hit a broad range of spots: rails, ledges, ditches, flat gaps. Pretty cool to see young guns throwing impossibles and switch varial heels (2 tricks that still require 45 min of my time to land while going very slow and bending down way too much). The switch boardie cab flip out was a cool surprise too. I didn’t see any wallies, but that’s good, that’s for the 21+ crowd, no rush to get there, young Brunnerses. One more noteable part: little dude doing the hubba check. It’s the funniest shot in the clip, just because I had never imagined watching such a young boarder sizing up and back 5-0ing something that most of us wouldn’t even step to…or at least me, I don’t know, maybe you would, but no way, buddy, not this guy, nope, not a chance, give me the wallies and LA High.

Tim O’Connor in Singapore

Via Slap Magazine. Marius rips!

Bryan Whalen for Liberty Boardshop

Bryan Whalen for Liberty Boardshop! from Shred-ED on Vimeo.

Derek Fukahara comes through with a buttery commercial for us here at the Board Shop. Doesn’t this make you wanna go skate? Song is by the uber underrated and Dan Auerbach produced Jessica Lea Mayfield.

Raymond Molinar in TWS Skatepark Liberation: Stereo

Ray-Locs gets down. The Stereo team has been putting in some work in the TransWorld park. Check out Raymond Molinar, Clint Peterson, Benny Fairfax, Kyle Leeper, Josiah Gatlyn, Chris Pastras, and the rest of the team ripping.

More Emerica Demo Coverage – The Aaron Brown Edit

Liberty X Emerica Demo at the Brea Skatepark from aaron brown on Vimeo.

Aaron Brown comes through with a tight edit of the Emerica Demo at Liberty Boardshop. Check Austyn Gillette’s clips. Has back nollie 180 50-50 switch backside 180 ever been done before? Damn!


Andrew Reynolds, Leo Romero signed deck contest and Skateboarder Magazine Wrap up video

Emerica & Liberty Boardshop Demo from Skateboarder Magazine on Vimeo.

Emerica signed deck contest. Purchase anything Emerica from: and be entered to win either the Leo Romero signed deck or the Andrew Reynolds deck.

Leave a comment on our Facebook post and be entered to win the Figgy deck.

Contest ends April 18th 2011. Special Thank you’s to Emerica, and Skateboarder Magazine. – and Leo Romero and Andrew Reynolds and Justin Figueroa. Awesome guys.

Paulo Diaz Mondays

Good morning. The FreePress hopes you had a decent weekend, saw a few friends, and hopefully made it through April fools without too much foolin. You can listen to the new Panda Bear on NPR’s site today but, before you do that, watch this Paulo Diaz radness. He was kinda like Panda Bear for skating back then.